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Amy is an illustrator and designer with a background in animation, apps and books. She has worked as a designer on Nick Jr. programs, The Wonder Pets! and Team Umizoomi, and for children's app companies, Tiggly and Toca Boca. She is also the author/illustrator of Olive & Beatrix, an early chapter book series with Scholastic Branches. Amy lives in Brooklyn, NY with a growing collection of garden gnomes and her silly little dog. 

Cecilia is an illustrator and motion designer whose client list includes Disney, Ferrari, and HBO. Her animated films have screened internationally. From her sun-drenched studio in Los Angeles, CA, Cecilia is expanding her practice in more diverse fields such as pattern design, home goods, and more.

Mindy has always loved bright colors and cute, silly things.  Even though she is an adult, her heart is still full of child wonder and weird ideas.  While her favorite past time these days is doodling, she also enjoys creating art digitally and occasionally getting messy with some paint when she has the time.  Her artistic style comes from her addiction to whimsical settings and a fairytale imbedded imagination, which makes her art perfect for children and her fellow adults who refuse to grow up. 


Shelley is the art part of Figgy Pudding Designs Studio.  After receiving a degree in Art, and a 20 year career as an in-house product designer for a number of different manufacturers and retailers, Shelley decided to open Figgy Pudding Designs Studio.  It's a dream come true to watch designs go from the drawing table to the store shelves. Shelley loves snowy days, fancy coffee, being a mom, glitter, crafting, James Taylor songs, pug dogs (Peppa & Paco), every shade of green and her little smart car.

Arthur is the sales and management part of Figgy Pudding Designs Studio. Armed with a military background, a culinary arts degree and years of restaurant ownership and management experience, Arthur handles the customer relations, marketing and the overall business part of the business.  Every Sunday you can find him watching football (Jacksonville Jaguars and The Iowa Hawkeyes specifically), working on old cars or making a big meal for his family.

Chicago-based illustrator Lydia Jean possesses/exhibits an illustrative youth and spunk that makes people squeal, “It’s so cute!”.  The ordinary is brought to life as Lydia loves turning something average into silly fun.  Armed with a BFA in illustration as well as designing for Whole Foods Market since 2012, Lydia demonstrates a wide knowledge and appreciation of commercial design and illustration. But her love for pop and geek culture helps her hone a fun, fresh take on current trends, too!

Jason is an Illustrator and designer living and working in London UK.
His background is as a fashion designer trained at Central St.Martins in London.  He loves digital illustration but is a constant doodler and researcher, collecting vintage imagery 
and kitch nik-naks to inspire his fun designs.
Every piece of art tells a story with playful characters or cute and timeless pattern icons.
London is also a big influence with its melting pot of cultures, and creatives, and amazing shopping everywhere,

informing his trends and style.