for Product Application



You need to purchase artwork to apply to a multitude of products.  You need patterns, wording and icons that are fresh and on trend.  Most importantly, you need art that is going to help your product sell.  I was in your shoes a while ago.  As an in house product designer for a major retailer, I was going to Surtex and Printsource and buying patterns for multiple categories, only to discover that upon further inspection, said artwork wasn't as useable as it first appeared.  It wasn't in repeat and after being broken apart, there wasn't much there to work with.  I'd always have to add extra icons, create real repeats from the clipped swatches and usually ended up feeling as though it would have been faster to just make it myself from the beginning.


Figgy Pudding Designs style guides aren't like that.  You can see exactly

what you're getting- it's all ready to go, thoughtfully coordinated, technically

clean files that save you time and money.





  • Original and cleverly created artwork
  • Illustrator files, completely scalable
  • Pattern Swatches, all in perfect repeat
  • Carefully curated Pantone color palettes
  • Hand drawn fonts, words & sayings 
  • Characters, Icons & Borders
  • Full buyout or category exclusive usage pricing   


          ....everything you need, ready to go!

                                         It will look something like this.... 





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