Figgy Pudding Designs is an illustration and product design studio, based in Fort Worth, Texas, run by husband and wife team, Arthur Levi and Shelley Brant.  We have been in the design industry since 1993 and established Figgy Pudding Designs in 2012.


Our areas of expertise include seasonal decor, craft products, tabletop, childrens products, educational material and every kind of paper product imaginable.  


Figgy Pudding Designs can be found in retailers such as Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, Michaels and many more.


Give us a call at 972-838-7489 to discuss artwork needs or possible projects, we'd love to hear from you!








for Product Application


Shelley Brant

designer / illustrator


Arthur Levi

sales  / marketing

-Shelley and Corn